Deep State Determined to Take Out Trump, Only The American People Can Stop It.


Even Tim Kaine’s wife (far right) was dressed in purple during Clinton’s inflammatory concession speech that was actually a veiled call to insurrection.

This Soros-sponsored,
Purple Revolution
Will Not End
Until Donald Trump
Is Removed From Office

State of the Nation

Everything in Washington, D.C. now points to a rapidly evolving soft coup.

SEDITION: U.S. Intelligence Community Conducting Soft Coup in Washington, D.C

A well-known pastor, who recently met with the POTUS in the Oval Office, has even been told of a coordinated plot to “take out” Trump by a senior Republican.
Pastor: Senior Republican Told Me of Plan to ‘Take Out’ Trump

Clearly, the same seditious perps will not hesitate to conduct a violent coup d’état to overthrow the president, should that be the only way to remove him from power.

Even former CIA Director John Brennan has recently called for a coup if Trump dumps Mueller. Former CIA Director ‘Calls For A Coup’ If Trump Fires Mueller

The American Republic is in grave danger

The critical issue here is what Trump MUST do for the good of the Republic.  He cannot allow these CIA-directed Bolsheviks to pull off another “Kiev coup”.  Perhaps this criminal conspiracy will develop more like the failed Ankara coup whereby President Recep Erdoğan used the insurrection as a means to identify all the perpetrators throughout Turkey.  Trump himself has referred to the possibility of a coup here similar to that recent decisive episode in Turkish coup history.

Trump’s days are numbered by Deep State, but then so are Deep State’s

Under no circumstances will Deep State permit Trump to continue as POTUS beyond a certain date.  The U.S. Intelligence Community and un-named Secret Services have a well-planned schedule of events ready to orchestrate to take him out one way or another. There’s not a week that goes by when former intelligence agency heads do not appear on major MSM platforms to subtly promote and coordinate their soft coup.

KEY POINT: President Trump has already proven to everyone concerned that he will not play by the rules of Deep State.  He has demonstrated repeatedly — like no other national leader in modern history — that he will not hesitate to break those rules whenever he so chooses.  However, the strict adherence to the rules are crucial to the running of the Global Control Matrix, as they are to the management of the Anglo-American Axis and administration of U.S. Federal Government.  For these, and many other significant reasons, the World Shadow Government is quite determined to terminate the Trump presidency.

That is, of course, if the American people permit this ongoing coup to proceed unimpeded.

The Conspiracy

The Mainstream Media has been collaborating with the U.S. Intelligence Community to soften up the American people since Election Day 2016.  Each month brings another   treasonous plot to the forefront; as well as new traitors to the crime scenes of this unfolding conspiracy of sedition.  As follows:

Former Spooks John Brennan & James Clapper Reveal Just How Desperate Traitors Can Be (Video)

Never in American history has the establishment been so transparent about their subversive intentions to carry out a coup in broad daylight.  It appears that Deep State is so confident about their eventual success that they even telegraph many of their schemes well in advance of their execution.  While some of these stratagems may be red herrings, many are not.

The most threatening of these schemes was the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  That highly contrived maneuver was set into motion to put Trump’s presidency under a dark ominous cloud before the agents of Deep State methodically unleash a D.C. superstorm centered on the White House.

The actual plot to topple Trump involves every major political institution in the USA.  That especially includes the Democratic Party and DNC, Republican Party and RNC, numerous think tanks and brain trusts inside the Beltway, as well as countless Deep State operatives strategically positioned throughout the US government.

“You can add to this list of traitors most of the sultans of Silicon Valley,
many Hollywood moguls and actors, the East Coast intelligentsia, the Mainstream Media magnates, among many other wealthy elites.”[1]

The Co-Conspirators

You name them; they’re in on it.

This highly organized coup has conscripted just about every power-player inside the Beltway. For example, the most obvious are those former heads of the intelligence agencies who have audaciously outed themselves at every opportunity:

Former CIA Director John Brennan

Former DNI James Clapper

Former NSA Director Michael Hayden

Former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin

Former CIA Deputy Director and Acting Director Michael Morell 

These primo agents of Deep State are greatly assisted in this coup by many Obama-era appointees, Clinton loyalists, Soros-funded PACs, Congressional RINOs, MIC lobbyists, and political operatives of every stripe who owe their allegiance to the shadow government.*  Then there are those hidden government employees and well-placed politicos who have been compromised and/or coerced by the Pizzagate control mechanism.

Because the Global Control Matrix is maintained by the criminal control mechanism now known as Pedogate, just about any power broker can be drafted as a purple revolutionary. Pizzagate represents but a single American franchise within the global Pedogate child trafficking and exploitation crime syndicate.

Every major western power has external and internal intelligence services which clock Pedogate crimes with extraordinary monitoring and recording. This covert spying and surveillance regime has been in place for as long as the elite ruling class has chosen the leading politicians based on their vulnerability to blackmail and bribery, extortion and coercion related to child exploitation crimes.
(Source: Nothing Will Ever Change In Washington Until This Happens)

While the true depth and breadth of this treasonous cabal is unknowable, it wields considerable power and influence over every state apparatus.  Deep State will ultimately attempt to enlist the help of every American who dislikes Trump.  By constantly inflaming the public’s sentiments against the administration, the agitators are confident that a large number of U.S. citizens will support a coup, both soft and violent.  The real problem is that the true political calculus confirms this critical data point.

This state of affairs is exactly why AG Jeff Sessions must be replaced asap.  Heretofore, he has neglected to go after the worst criminals from the Obama Administration.  These are the same agents provocateur who are openly and furtively leading the Purple Revolution.  Until these traitors are investigated and tried, they will continue to act with impunity.   More significantly, they will feel empowered to take Trump down as well as his entire administration.  Each of the co-conspirators mentioned below is integral to the implementation of George Soros’s quickly unfolding Purple Revolution.

“Sessions needs to go if only so Trump can appoint a legal pit bull into
the critical AG post.  Surely Trump has in mind a pit bull who will
not let go of any agent of Deep State who has already proven to be
a traitor to the American Republic (e.g. Clintons, Obama, Podesta,
McCain, Graham, Ryan, McConnell, McCarthy, Corker, Portman,
Flake, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Waters, Comey, Lynch, Mueller, Rice,
Rosenstein, Holder, Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Morell, Powers, et al.)
These enemies of the state must be arrested post-haste before they
inflict any more damage on the nation.  They ALL must be prosecuted
to the fullest extent of the law, and punished accordingly for all to

Trump vs. Deep State

The upshot of this discussion is that there is no stopping the Trump Titanic from hitting the Deep State iceberg.  With each passing day the final collision looms larger and larger. The level of outright madness that has come to define the mainstream media circus, the chronic felony leaking by Obama loyalists, and the serial lawbreaking by the U.S. Intelligence Community can go on for only so long.  In fact, this ever-intensifying predicament is not far from hitting the proverbial wall.

The NWO globalists now work overtime to scuttle Trump’s “Titanic” before it hits the Deep State iceberg.  The globalists know that, with Trump at the helm of the ship of state, the USS Titanic luxury ocean liner might just be an icebreaker in disguise.  And everyone knows that the Russians make the world’s best icebreakers!
(Source: Soft Coup in the Works: Deep State Setting Up Trump for Impeachment)

Whether Trump is on his own Titanic or really at the helm of an enormous icebreaker remains to be seen.  Regardless, the covert leaders of Deep State will not tolerate much more wrecking of their multi-decade party.  Trump has quite remarkably taken a massive wrecking ball to every part of their overt and covert operations.  Not only can he never be trusted by TPTB, Deep State always gets even one way or another.

Trump’s personal plight is such that he cannot lose this war since such a fall from power will translate to the slo-mo devastation of his estate, his businesses, his family and his future. Likewise, Deep State knows that it cannot lose the upcoming final battle against Team Trump.  Most importantly, the USA is the Military Arm of their New World Order.  Were the US Constitution to be fully restored and “rule of law” re-established throughout the land, Deep State would be forced to relinquish its complete command and control over the military juggernaut that roles across the planet.

There are some major indicators that point to August through October of 2017 as a time of epochal conflict in the USA.  As a matter of fact, the treasonous Congress has taken legislative action that is purposeful in setting up Trump for impeachment.  The same group of traitors has been writing legislation to compel Trump to go after Russia, thereby undermining his peace initiatives and overtures made to President Putin.

Catastrophic Move By Congress—It’s time to drain the congressional swamp!

The bottom line is that these heightening tensions can only go on for so long.  Too much is breaking out into the open and Deep State will not stand for much more.  Each day brings unprecedented revelations about how the world really works.  The Global Control Matrix is literally cracking up.  The “enforcement by terrorism” paradigm is also dissolving in real time. The normally effective fear factor is slowly losing its grip.  For Donald Trump has presented to the world community of nations — wittingly or unwittingly — himself as an unparalleled role model of how to speak truth to power.

Not only does Deep State want Trump out of the White House, they want war with Russia in the worst way.[3]  Had Hillary Clinton won the election, there might already be a nuclear war with tactical nukes…in Syria, in the Ukraine, in Iran, or wherever the next color revolution is planned for.  Clearly, the perpetual war economy is in full swing and only a Trump-Putin accord can stop it, once and for all.  Which is precisely why the NWO globalists do everything possible to sabotage their relationship.

In an effort to completely poison their good rapport, agents of Deep State are feverishly working to kill the relationship between Putin’s Russia and Trump’s USA.  Not only are agents of the Military-Industrial Complex looking to start the hot phase of World War III in Russia’s back yard, they’re attempting to push the American body politic into a full-blown civil war.  That brewing civil war is being falsely contextualized as the 2017 Purple Revolution, which is essentially an American version of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. The Purple Revolution Must Be Exposed


2017 will undoubtedly go down in history as the year that the world really changed.

That profound and fundamental transformation will likely precipitate from the epic battle now raging between the American patriot movement and globalist Deep State.  Just as 2016 marked the beginning of the Second American Revolution, Donald Trump is the commanding general of the nationalists.  Just like General George Washington, he finds himself retreating again and again, but with great effect and awesome consequence to the New World Order agenda.

This historic war is unlike any in history; there are no precedents that are even close.  The Internet era has replaced muskets and bullets with smartphones and tweets.  The Alt Media has emerged as a formidable and fierce force of the light.  The cyber-warriors on this 21st century battleground are every bit as battle-hardened and wily as the Minutemen guerrillas of 1776.  The darkness of Deep State can’t even believe they have been exposed as they were in 2016 via the Pizzagate scandal.  PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State   

President Trump has entered uncharted territory.  Similarly, Deep State is way out of its depth having never been challenged in the USA by a justifiably angry patriot movement. However, it’s not incumbent on Donald Trump to take back the country from those who have stolen it.  His AG can prosecute those public servants who are guilty of every sort of theft and larceny.  But, it is the solemn responsibility of the American people to take back their nation from the globalist usurpers.  And, to finish the job of wrecking the Deep State that Candidate Trump so earnestly started in June of 2015.

Let’s get busy!

State of the Nation
July 26, 2017

*The United States of America was, in fact, stealthily taken over by the British Empire the very day the Brits lost the American Revolutionary War.  Since there were also many clandestine and traitorous loyalists living in the Thirteen Colonies back then, they have had well over 200 years to systematically hardwire the United States as the flagship of Deep State.   The same perfidious forces have co-opted and compromised many government officials and political leaders, military commanders and corporate execs, university presidents and think tank directors, civic leaders and heads of state & local governments throughout America in 2017.  In this way, the whole place has been surreptitiously set up for the Purple Revolution.


When will Team Trump terminate the ongoing coup d’état?


[1] Deep State will not stop their stealthy Purple Revolution until Trump is gone

[2] It’s time for Jeff Sessions to go! Trump needs a pit bull AG.

[3] Former Democrat Insider Goes Rogue—Exposes Plot To Falsely Blame Russia




US Debt Clock

The Disconnect…


The political pendulum has never, in the history of humanity, stayed on one side of a swing. Likewise, the resulting backlash is always, always, directly proportionate to how far off skew it was taken before corrective action was engaged.  ~ SD

Foolishness, selfishness, corruption and betrayal of our nation by it’s political elites have  served to reveal dangers within our republic.  Exhausted, we accepted that 2016 was the time when forceful correction needed to be applied. However, misplaced corrective action, regardless of intent, would be neither safe nor wise.

The media are disconnected from the reality of their landscape yet seem to find themselves opining about political violence.  Those media voices would be wise to remind themselves that candidate Donald Trump, now President Trump, was the “lesser extreme” strategy for correction.  As President Trump said during a recent rally in Iowa: “they’re lucky our side isn’t violent.”  He was entirely accurate.   President Trump is the last best option.

There’s a level of anger far deeper and more consequential than expressed rage or visible behavior.  Cold Anger does not need to go to violence.  For those who carry it, no conversation is needed.  You cannot poll or measure it; and even those who carry it avoid discussion.  And that decision has nothing whatsoever to do with any form of correctness.

Cold Anger is not hatred, it is far more purposeful.

Hatred takes energy.  Cold Anger is not willing to give energy to the opposition.

Cold Anger absorbs betrayal silently, often prudently.

Betrayal lies at the originating cellular level for Cold Anger.

We’ve watched the shooting of cops, and the protests parades which followed, absorbing.

Cold Anger takes notice of the liars, even from a great distance – seemingly invisible to the mob.  Cold Anger will still hold open the door for the protest parade goer.  Mannerly.

Cold Anger when evidenced is more severe because it is more strategic. It is more deliberate; Cold Anger is far more purposeful.

Cold Anger does not gloat; a central tenet is to absorb consistent vilification and ridicule as fuel.

This sense of Cold Anger does not want to exist.  It is forced to exist in otherwise unwilling hosts – who would much rather be sensing something more productive, yet each person refuses to be destabilized by it.

The productive and polite life continues, but the larger notations necessarily remain. Keen awareness and acceptance of the surroundings is a trait of those carrying Cold Anger.

Deliberate intent and prudence ensures avoiding failure.  The course, is thoughtful vigilance;  a strategy essentially devoid of emotion, hence ‘Cold’.

Cold Anger is not driven to act in spite of itself; it drives a reckoning.  Patience is not acceptance; time is simply measured for optimal value.

When the well attired leave the checkout line carrying steaks and shrimp using an EBT or SNAP card, the door is still held open; yet notations necessarily embed.

When the border is left unguarded, it is accepted to be unguarded for a purpose.

When the United States flag lays undefended, perhaps gleefully unattended, it does not lay unattended and unnoticed.  It is being well noted.

When a school community cannot openly pray, it does not mean the prayerful were absent.

When a liar seems to win, it is not without observation.  Many – more than the minority would like to admit – know the difference between science, clocks and a political agenda.

Cold Anger perceives deception the way a long-term battered spouse absorbs the blow in the hours prior to the pre-planned exit; with purpose.

A shield, or cry of micro-aggression will provide no benefit, nor quarter.  Delicate sensibilities are dispatched like a feather in a hurricane.

Pushed far enough, decisions are reached.

Everyone should be thankful for the opportunity President Trump is providing.

Happy Independence Day!

The GoldFish Report No. 107 Winston Shrout Explains Moving Towards a Two-Tiered Money System


Published on Jun 30, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 107, Guest Winston Shrout
joins the GoldFish Report Team, Louisa, Steve and Kent, to discuss moving towards a Two Tiered Money System and Money created for the Private Side. Winston explains the backing of currencies and the revaluation of currencies, the New Republic of the United States, NESARA, GESARA, Basal III Compliance, St. Germain Trust, Heritage Funds and the ‘Plan of The Experts’, soul development and much more. This interview is jam packed with Winston’s incredible knowledge, wisdom and southern good heart. For more information about Winston’s Solutions in Commerce, Please visit Also, the link to the article he references in this interview is located below. To help support this viewer supported public social research media please visit To follow us on Twitter go to @ReportGoldFish, you can also like us on facebook at and on our blog at Thank you for viewing!

Link to Article Toward a Two-Tier Money System and Money Created for the Private Side -By Winston Shrout…

The Destruction of Russia

Jcollins   June 25, 2017

Understanding the Sunni Invasion of Europe

There is one nation in the world which stands in opposition to all that has been developed and built by the international banking interests. For thousands of years the power structure behind these interests have failed at invading, infiltrating, re-engineering, or transforming the culture and demographic of this one nation.

At least since the time of the Hittites in the land of Canaan these interests have been successful in all their endeavours and schemes to invade, conquer, murder, enslave, empire build, and rape resources around the world. The good which has stood in opposition to this vileness has existed in symbols and actions since the beginning of recorded history, and now finds itself in a final defensive position with but a few allies outside its borders.

The world adversarial force of which we speak is as much a part of material existence as that which has fought against it. This force has worn various convenient masks throughout history and uses those masks as a method of distraction to consolidate opposition into pre-arranged frameworks which can be destroyed or transformed as desired.

Individual human beings unknowingly align with one side or the other through subconscious and natural decision making processes. These processes are manipulated and managed to further develop and grow the composition and influence of the world adversarial force. But be careful you are not sold on the false mask as it is designed as a mental and emotional trap from which the spiritual opposition is caged and turned into a beast of burden.

This great battle has been fought across thousands of years and has spanned the rise and fall of all the worlds empires and revolutions. Weapons and tactics used have been everything from rocks, fire, religion, swords, catapults, the printing press, artillery, airplanes, tanks, ships, rockets, art, cultural and socioeconomic engineering, capital flows and economic sanctions, medical methodologies, information technology, and now the THAAD and other supersonic missile systems.

After a lifetime of learning and researching the pattern is undeniable. Once one knows what to look for the lines of division and fragmentation become so defined that the picture pops out like one of those 3D images after a concerted effort to look past all the noise and misdirection. Like the 3D picture, once you see it the rest becomes irrelevant.

This research will be presented in due time here on POM and will spark whole new areas of research and enlightenment for the thousands who are interested in discovering the hidden and discarded historical connections of the world in which we live.

Many readers have asked me to share my thoughts on this power struggle and who I think the international banking interests represent. The reluctance I have shown has to do with the complex nature of the dynamic which exists in each of us, and how we relate to the broader and timeless battle which is in fact an externalization of that which is hidden deep within each one of us. The article you are reading should be considered an introduction to the complex nature of the information which will follow.

Seeds have been planted throughout POM since the beginning but the full perspective can now be presented incrementally as the world is transforming at a rate which most alive today have not witnessed. The control and manipulation of information to keep this ageless battle hidden from us has crossed borders, ideologies, religions, both mainstream and alternative sources, as well as our academic structures and socioeconomic frameworks.

Some of what you have been told is bad is in fact good. Some of what you have been told is good is in fact bad. Misdirection is everywhere with fabricated scripting and sources providing shrouds and curtains to keep you hidden from the light which exists within. This article will provide a hint of the complexity surrounding this simulated world.

The nation of topic in this discussion is Russia. It is the last bastion of resistance to the adversarial nature of the material world. It has stood its ground as empires were built and destroyed around it. Even before it was Russia the region held mystical prominence over the ebb and flow of corruption which divided and fragmented the world.

Future articles will get into more detail about the Russian past and those who migrated into the region thousands and thousands of years ago, bringing with them the universal law of human rightness. For now we will focus on more recent events and what the ramifications are for the world.

Ideologies and religions are tools of the world adversarial force. Some of these creations have been unable to fully control and influence segments of world rightness. These breakaway fragments have been able to maintain some aspects of their original identity, which provides the source of resistance to the world adversarial force. Some characteristics of the rightness are maintained within the governing bodies of the adversarial force. This also works in reverse.

For our purposes here we will use the division of Islam through the Sunni and Shiite faiths. The semi-representation of good will always be composed of the smaller scale and demographic. As such, the Islamic religion holds both adversity and rightness within the dogmas and rituals of its two core divisions of Sunni and Shiite faiths.

In much the same way that Catholicism makes up the largest of the Christian denominations, Sunni is the largest of the Islamic faiths. In fact, Sunni is larger than Catholicism, which includes both the Latin and Eastern denominations. There has been an alliance between the Eastern Church and the Shiite denomination for a thousand years or more.

Does this surprise you?

The Holy Roman Empire was established in 800AD when Pope Leo crowned Charlemagne as its first emperor. This lasted for a short time before the existence of the eastern Holy Roman Empire was contested from Italy through a series of religious civil wars and it was disbanded.

The strategy of creating an eastern Church was to prevent Eastern Europe from aligning itself with the Rus’, a Slavic people who were consolidating power in the region that would become Russia.

In 860 AD the Rus’ committed their only major military expedition and lay siege to the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. This was prompted when Byzantine cut off Rus’ trade routes into Western Europe in favour of trade with the Khazars. The strategy of controlling trade routes will be one we encounter with regularity in our exploration of world history.

This invasion of Constantinople caused further divisions and the wars which finally fragmented the original eastern Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne and forced the representatives of rightness in Eastern Europe to reconstitute the Holy Roman Empire under Otto I in 962. The empire lasted until 1806 and its history is filled with battles against those who controlled Western Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Central Asia.

One period of relevance to the material in this article is the Habsburg Dynasty in Austria and its alliance with Russia. The Habsburg’s represented the foundation of power within the Holy Roman Empire and stood in opposition to its western denomination. Throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries the Habsburg’s fought wars with the Sunni Ottomans.

The Ottoman’s held alliances with the Western European powers throughout most of these years. France, Germany, and even Poland, maintained alliances with the Ottoman’s. We will get into the divisions in Western Europe in future articles, but needless to say the major pieces of our thesis will involve the changing of power in England and France throughout the years.

So we are understanding the flow of information correctly, the time period and events under discussion in this article are when the world adversarial force held power in the west and was fighting to take control of the east, but Russia, and its alliances, prevented that from happening.

The Habsburg Dynasty eventually became a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which also held alliances with Russia. The ever growing Ottoman Empire continued to wage war on the Austro-Hungarians but never successfully captured and retained control of Eastern Europe. The Shiite Persians also entered into an alliance with the Habsburg’s and Austro-Hungarians and fought in five separate wars against the Sunni Ottomans.

Eventually the international banking power in the west grew tired of this back and forth and with the financial support of the Federal Reserve bank in America used the threat of Germany in World War One to finally divide and fragment and Pro-Russian Austro-Hungarians. The Sunni Ottomans proved unreliable and an Arab Revolt was engineered which overthrew the Ottomans and eventually led to the Sunni House of Saud gaining control of the Lower Middle East.

We can see that the same lines of division which existed back then between Western and Eastern Europe and Sunni and Shiite also still exist in the modern world. After the murder of the Romanov’s in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution it appeared the international banking interests finally managed to remove the Russians from power and set a different course for the nation.

But in the years after the October Revolution remnants of the Russian government waged internal war with the Bolsheviks. The Whites, as they were called, were disorganized and formed a loose Russian Government but were washed away in the expansion of Communism and the Soviet governance framework which was established by 1922. Somewhere in the shadows the Russian historical power base hung on and regained control of the nation under the communist structure during the 1930’s. We will explore this line of research further in another article but for our purposes here it needs to be understood that Germany was used once again in World War Two to attempt an invasion of Russia.

Russia maintained its alliances with the Shiite Islamic world during the post-war restructuring of the Middle East. The only three Shiite majority nations were Iran, Iraq and Syria. Iraq was subsequently infiltrated by the international banking interests with Saddam Hussein who waged a decade long war against Iran after the Western led coup was reversed.

Russia is strong and powerful as a stand alone. But when it is supported with allies in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia, it becomes all but impossible to invade and control. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the international banking interests have been hard at work flipping Eastern European nations to their side and encroaching on Russia through NATO expansions.

Here’s where things become even more complex with the multilateral monetary and geopolitical thesis. The international banking interests need to move the global financial and monetary systems to a multi-currency framework but need to ensure that all regions and nations are controlled and operating under the framework which is established. Given the history of trouble they have had with Russia a strategy is required to remove or destroy Russia before a larger Eurasian Union is allowed to form.

The Eurasian Union will be a geopolitical and monetary powerhouse. Given that Shiite Islam has always been on the opposing side of the international banking interests, and Sunni Islam has shown its ability to pursue its own interests, such as the 200+ year control of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), the House of Saud needs to be supported and beefed up while Russian allies and Shiite majority Syria and Iran need to be overthrown and recycled into a new Middle Eastern framework.

The flood of Sunni Muslims into Europe in recent years is designed to transform the demographic of that region in order to prevent any future alliances with Russia. Once the Anglo-American influence and support is removed from Europe there may exist the natural and historical inclination for European nations, especially in the east, to align themselves with Russia again, which would have a major impact on the control of the Eurasian Union and continent.

It would appear the mass Islamic migration into Europe over the last few years may achieve what the Ottomans couldn’t over centuries.

The Islamic invasion and spread of terrorism is also designed to bring to heel those segments of Islam which may not be fully supporting the objectives of the international banking interests. The mass migration into the West and the negative effect of terrorism will initiate an Islamic Reformation which will engineer the religion to be more aligned with other world religions.

We need to remember that the power of the world adversarial force has developed all the world religions and are still doing so in the modern world. Religion is one of the weapons which are being used against Russia now. Eastern European nations which are not aligned with Russia, such as Albania and Chechnya, are majority Sunni. This is not by accident.

Pro-Russian nations in Eastern Europe who have banned the foundations of George Soros understand how the Sunni invasion is being used to drive a wedge between Russia and the rest of Europe. It is understood that Soros is one of the biggest sponsors of the mass Sunni migration into Europe. Though we hear some about Syrian refugees, which would presumably be Shiite, the evidence would suggest that most migrants and refugees are not Syrian or are passing through Syria before moving on to Europe.

Russia is incrementally being surrounded by military forces and the THAAD missile defence system. The strategy to surround and isolate Russia is unfolding in real-time and the fall of Syria and Iran will cause Russia some major problems. Putin and others within the Russian establishment are well aware of these risks which is why the centuries long alliance with Persia (Iran) is vital to prevent Syria from falling.

The perception that China is supporting Russia should not be taken for granted. Ever since the Opium Wars China has been under the control of the international banking interests. Beijing and Hong Kong are so entrenched in the global banking system of the world adversarial force that it is hard to imagine them not turning on Russia at some strategic point down the road.

China is the one of the largest debt holders of the international banking interests latest unit of account. The USD will be pushed to the side just like the pound and currencies of the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Portugal before it. The mask keeps changing but the methodology stays the same. The renminbi will be used but in a different fashion this time, as the bankers have a new unit of account which will be rolled out over the next few decades. We will get into this more in other articles.

The military build up from Eastern Europe, though the Middle East and Central Asia, and into Eastern Asia with military bases in Japan and South Korea, are creating a parameter of offensive capability which will inevitably be used against Russia in a two or three pronged invasion. Though Russia has recently been getting closer to North Korea, this is likely a false-narrative meant to entrap the Russians in a dual-diplomacy dead end. Such tactics have been used since the time of Charlemagne and the Khazars.

China has mobilized ballistic missiles on its border with Russia. This would seem pointless based on the range but that would suggest something else is being intended. Russia has been mobilizing on its border with North Korea, at the same time they are suppose to be getting friendly. Under the facade and behind the mask everyone knows something else is going on.

The international banking interests are planning to isolate and destroy Russia, and Russia is planning to defend its interests. This has been going on for over a thousand years in Eastern Europe. The same sides and alliances exist today which existed then. The pattern is well defined and some leading indicators could give us an idea of how it all may turn out.

This article is a simple introduction to the thesis and concept we will be discussing in future articles. There are symbols and methodologies which we can trace back thousands and thousands of years to define the division between the world adversarial force and the power of human rightness. The madness of human history begins to make more sense when we view it through this timeless framework. All people who seek human rightness should support Russia in this battle. The patience and intelligence they are showing is a testament of the human spirit to survive. While armies and navies build up on their border and around their oceans, they have threatened no one. That alone should tell us everything we need to know. – JC

JC Collins can be contacted at

This article is copyrighted by POM Media©2017. As non-Premium content it can be shared and reposted without further permission.

The Senate Did Not Challenge Comey

Posted: 09 Jun 2017 07:29 PM PDT

Five  Things  James  Comey  Said  That  the  Senate  Did  Not  Challenge

Former FBI Director James Comey appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify regarding his tenuous relationship and subsequent firing by President Donald Trump.

Rick Wiles and the TRUNEWS team discussed the testimony of former FBI director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. What Mr. Comey said wasn’t nearly as surprising as what sitting members of Congress did not challenge, question, or even seem surprised about!

1. Mr. Comey intentionally leaked privileged information to the press after calling WikiLeaks “Information Porn.” In a shocking confession, Mr. Comey admitted under oath that, with premeditation, he leaked information to the press via a law professor friend from Columbia University. 

Not a single member of the committee seemed shocked, dismayed or moved in the slightest.

2. The former FBI director admitted that Lorreta Lynch, the Obama administration’s Attorney General, pressured him to downplay the Clinton investigation, and that he saw her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton as a conflict of interest. Even as the director testified that he felt no direct pressure from President Trump regarding the Russian investigation, he DID admit that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured him to call the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton merely a ‘matter’.

Once again, the members of the Senate committee did not follow up or further question this obvious meddling in the 2016 election by the Obama administration.

3. Mr. Comey admitted on record that he was never directed or ordered to drop the Flynn investigation, yet allowed that script to proliferate in the mainstream media for months. FBI DirectorComey stated that he was never once ordered or directed by President Trump to drop the investigation of General Michael Flynn and his connection with the Russians. However, Mr. Comey made no effort in the past several months since the election to dispel the notion that Mr. Trump ordered it. No one questioned him about that, either. 

4. Slanderous comments were made by Director Comey about the President’s integrity without one challenge by the Senate panel. Mr. Comey accused President Trump of being a liar, and no one defended the President, not a single Senator, Democrat or Republican. 

5.The Senate panel allowed Mr. Comey to demonize Russia for election meddling without providing one shred of evidence. The former FBI director continued to read from the Russian meddling script, and every sitting member of the committee sat there, not disagreeing in the slightest. Even thoughthere is still no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, Mr. Comey was allowed to speak as if President Trump had already been convicted of working with Moscow. 

Now, more than ever, we need to be praying for our nation, and specifically for President Donald Trump. Even before he had won the election in a stunning defeat of the Obama-Clinton regime, the Dark State had already put their diabolical scheme in place to de-legitimize this President. It has been a never-ending battle that continues to this day, and no where was that more obvious than in the testimony before Congress of former FBI director James Comey. 

Understand this: this Dark State attack is not merely an attempt to assassinate the character of Donald Trump. This is a direct attack on the PEOPLE that elected this maverick president to office.  

When you see government officials lying, scheming, and destroying the character of President Trump and his team, then you need to know that it is an attack on YOU.


The Scripting of the New World Order Narrative


Dismantling the Post-World War Two International Order

Update:  I’m getting a lot of requests from members to make this post a FREEPOM because it captures the broad strokes and accuracy of the POM thesis.  Since POM has the best members I will take their advice.  Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments and interest in helping spread the word on POM.  

While watching CNN this morning an interesting segment focused on how Trump is dismantling the international order which has existed since the end of the last world war. Fareed Zakaria used America’s exit from the non-binding Paris Climate Agreement as the springboard for further discussion around how Trump is shifting the global position of the United States. This concept of course is old news for POM readers, as we have been discussing the transformation of the international governance framework since Dec 31, 2013.

Two years ago when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the office of President I presented the idea that his purpose was to sell the multilateral framework to the American people and realign Anglo-American economic and governance policies with those of the international banking interests.

Ever since the first Gulf War I have been hooked on CNN. Over the years my awareness and understanding of the information-engineering aspect of its broadcasts became a filter through which I would analyze each broadcast and media trend. The overabundance of air time which CNN gave Trump throughout the election, and in fact still do, is not an accident. Standing back and studying the whole forest we can begin to see that Trump has been casted in the role of bad cop for one demographic while serving as the good cop for another. This diametric is a powerful weapon which can control and manipulate both public opinion and public expectation.

The end of World War Two was the previous turning point for the international banking interests. It was when the Bretton Woods Monetary Conference designed the economic and banking system for the rest of the century. The creation of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank were directly related to this agreement, but also served as seeds for a future transformation.

Zakaria’s reference to the post-war dismantling has everything to do with the reserve role given to the US dollar under Bretton Woods. The dominance of the USD for eight decades has contributed to the evolution of economic and governance policies which served as an extension of the political, industrial and academic interests of the Anglo-American establishment.

These interests built wealth and organizations around the role of the USD which acted as self-serving vehicles and moved separate from the broader international banking interests. This was allowed to continue because it served a purpose and American hegemonic strength was kept in check through a large contingent of geopolitical and economic strategies.

This American world and its infrastructure became the dominant weapons used against nations and regions which did not evolve along the lines demanded by the international banking interests. NATO, the United Nations, Bilderberg, the IMF, World Bank, and a host of other think tanks and non-governmental organizations all represent this post war international order.

Now that the multilateral monetary and governance frameworks have been agreed upon by the rest of the world there is no need for the Anglo-American establishment to maintain total control and influence over the world. Those in business, politics and academia resisted the reforms and policy adjustments required to transform the international order into a true multilateral framework. Power and access to endless wealth is never willing relinquished.

This was expected and planned for, which brings us to Donald Trump and his well scripted platform which began in the 1980’s. Every one of Trump’s talking points are finely engineered to communicate a complex message in simple plain speak. The dismantling of the post war international order is now the mandate of the international banking interests and cannot be stopped.

There have been those within the American establishment who were likely caught by surprise with Trump and his agenda. But it is beginning to appear that there is a common message being communicated with variations over negotiations.

All the while the American people are being sold on something they never would have agreed with if it had been communicated directly. The threat of globalism and a New World Order were so hammered into us through an alternative media which sprung out of nowhere with the emergence of the internet. This is the same alternative media which is now supporting Trump and is beginning to grow with the populist wave of anti-globalism.

But these alternative media personalities are doing nothing to cover the actual transformation of the international order and the true purpose of the Trump agenda. The thesis presented here on POM has been proven accurate for so long now, and on so many points, that it is illogical that the large alternative media have not picked up on the themes.

When I saw the headline on CNN this morning I looked over at Marianne and said “there is another verification of everything I have been writing for four years”. But the message isn’t getting out. Both the mainstream media and alternative media do not discuss this intentional and planned dismantling of the international order which has built up on the back of the USD.

As far as I can tell the alternative media is complicit in the engineering and spread of the Trump narrative. The purpose of the alternative media has been to build up the cognitive dissonance and Hegelian Dialectic within the Western mind of the disorganized masses. It is my conclusion that many of these websites and personalities are manufactured and maintained through intelligence agencies and other covert groups which operate outside the confines of national interests. The scripting of the New World Order narrative and the threat to America are too aligned with the unfolding dismantling and transformation of the international framework to be a coincidence.

The POM thesis will continue to be the most accurate analysis available but will remain on the margins of alternative media for the simple fact that the site is owned and operated by just me. There is no involvement with agencies, think tanks, or other groups and organizations which support the narrative described above. It is just me reading, researching, and writing as a sideline to my career in mining. There are no advertisers on the site who I have to worry about offending. There is only the small army of POM subscribers and members who I am committed to providing accurate and thoughtful information.

Fellow Canadian writer and researcher Henry Makow recently posted an article on his site which discussed the role of the Canadian Securities Intelligence Service in the creation of the neo-Nazi Heritage Front. Operation Governor took place between 1988 and 1994 and instigated racists acts across the nation. These tactics evolved with the internet and provided such agencies with a whole new battlefield from where they could orchestrate cultural and socioeconomic engineering. To think that such agencies and organizations haven’t created the alternative media and its host of personalities would be a miscalculation.

Logic follows that the alternative media (who pumped the New World Order threat narrative for years) are supporting Trump, and Trump in turn represents the scripting of the international banking interests. The connection flows from one to the other with relative ease but is completely ignored by the large presence and influence of both the mainstream and alternative media. Both serve opposing sides to the dialectic engineering. Within the middle ground between both the dismantling continues. – JC

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