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Larry Klayman Demands Citizen Grand Jury


Hannity 4/26/18 ✓ Devin Nunes drops bombshell on Russia probe TRUMP BREAKING NEWS





One Slip Of Paper Could Be The Silver Bullet That Cripples The Deep State For Good







The Deep State may be on its last legs.
Anti-Trump conspirators and leakers inside the government have schemed to destroy the President since the day he won the election.
But Jeff Sessions has the one slip of paper that could be the silver bullet that cripples the Deep State for good.
Eleven Republican members of Congress sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding criminal referrals for a slew of former and current government officials who were the most associated with leaking damaging classified information as well as lying to investigators or Congress.

Breitbart reports:
“Republican lawmakers on Wednesday sent a slew of criminal referrals to Attorney General Jeff Sessions for a number of Obama administration officials and senior FBI employees for violations of the law in connection to the Clinton email and Trump-Russia investigations.
Specifically, they sent criminal referrals to Sessions for: former FBI Director James Comey, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as well as FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, for separate violations.
The criminal referrals, first reported by investigative journalist Sara Carter, were made by Rep. Ron Desantis (R-FL), a senior member of the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform Committees who is leaving the House to run for Florida governor, and nine other colleagues.
Signatories included: GOP Reps. Andy Biggs (AZ), Dave Brat (VA), Jeff Duncan (SC), Matt Gaetz (FL), Paul A. Gosar (AZ), Andy Harris (MD), Jody Hice (GA), Todd Rokita (IN), Claudia Tenney (NY), and Ted Yoho (FL).
“Because we believe that those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as every other American, we want to be sure that the potential violations of law outlined below are vetted appropriately,” said the letter.”

Prosecuting these alleged criminals would go a long way towards restoring the rule of law.
Figures in Trump’s orbit have been prosecuted for lying to investigators.
If the rule of law in America is applied equally, then it should apply equally to the entire ruling class.
Bringing charges against Clinton, Comey, McCabe, and the other members of the cabal cited by the lawmakers would reassure Americans that the system isn’t rigged.
The sense of frustration that the government only works for the benefit of the elite is what helped strike the match that led to the election of Donald Trump.

Here is a copy of the letter for your perusal: Copy and paste to your address bar if necessary.



America begins the return to sound money

The problem of the American national bankruptcy will not go away by trying to start World War Three. China and Russia will stop that. Indeed, they will win it before it even starts. Some say they already have.

The problem of the American national bankruptcy will be moved closer to a benevolent and lasting solution when Washington determines to return to sound money.

The current unsound fiat money laundry at the US Federal Reserve is manifestly unfit for purpose. It only benefits bankers, corporate oligarchs, market insiders and a few nouveau riche techies. In modern-day America, capitalism isn’t even working for the middle class. Nor can it pay for the military, prevent the infrastructure from crumbling, return American manufacturing to global competitiveness, or sustain a non-criminal political class.

At the moment, the US dollar is made of paper and is backed by paper. It is a fiat currency. The problem is that no one important outside the US believes in American paper any more, or trusts the syndicate which writes it. A change is needed. The US dollar needs to be made of gold.

Asia and Africa have the necessary gold and are willing to use it to support the emergence of a new, transparent and fully Constitutional USA. The USA is not the US. These are two completely different legal entities.

On Thursday 22nd March 2018, there was a sign that moves towards a return to sound money in America might be imminent. Congressman Alex Mooney of West Virginia (Republican) introduced a bill (HR5404) to define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold. The full text of that bill follows:


H. R. 5404
To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.


MARCH 22, 2018

Mr. MOONEY of West Virginia introduced the following bill; which was
referred to the Committee on Financial Services.

To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.


Congress finds the following:

(1) The United States dollar has lost 30% of its purchasing power since 2000, and 96% of its purchasing power since the end of the gold standard in 1913.

(2) Under the Federal Reserve’s 2% inflation objective, the dollar loses half of its purchasing power every generation, or 35 years.

(3) American families need long-term price stability to meet their household spending needs, save money, and plan for retirement.

(4) The Federal Reserve policy of long-term inflation has made American manufacturing uncompetitive, raising the cost of United States manufactured goods by more than 40% since 2000, compared to less than 20% in Germany and France.

(5) Between 2000 and 2010, United States manufacturing employment shrunk by one third after holding steady for 30 years at nearly 20,000,000 jobs.

(6) The American economy needs a stable dollar, fixed exchange rates, and money supply controlled by the market not the government.

(7) The gold standard puts control of the money supply with the market instead of the Federal Reserve.

(8) The gold standard means legal tender defined by and convertible into a certain quantity of gold.

(9) Under the gold standard through 1913 the United States economy grew at an annual average of 4%, one third larger than the growth rate since then and twice the level since 2000.

(10) The international gold exchange standard from 1914 to 1971 did not provide for a United States dollar convertible into gold, and therefore helped cause the Great Depression and stagflation.

(11) The Federal Reserve’s trickle down policy of expanding the money supply with no demand for it has enriched the owners of financial assets but endangered the jobs, wages and savings of blue collar workers.

(12) Restoring American middle-class prosperity requires change in monetary policy authorized to Congress in Article I, Section 8, Clause 5 of the Constitution.


Effective 30 months after the date of enactment of this Act –

(1) The Secretary of the Treasury (in this Act referred to as the ”Secretary”) shall define the dollar in terms of a fixed weight of gold, based on that day’s closing market price of gold; and

(2) Federal Reserve Banks shall make Federal Reserve notes exchangeable with gold at the statutory gold definition of the dollar.


During the 30-month period following the date of enactment of this Act, the United States Government shall take timely and reasonable steps to disclose all of its holdings of gold, together with a contemporaneous report of any United States governmental purchases or sales, thus enhancing the ability of the market and of market participants to arrive at the fixed dollar-gold parity in an orderly fashion.


Here is the bill:



Published on Apr 17, 2018

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Death to Democracy

Death to Democracy

By Anna Von Reitz,

Once you start thinking, you will quickly realize that “something is wrong” in this country, and that it has been wrong for a very long time. We have covered many of the various things that are wrong and why they are wrong, but this one deserves special comment. All your life you have heard about “democracy”— endlessly. We grow up hearing about how we need to defend democracy and spread democracy, but nobody ever tells you what democracy is or tries to justify why anyone would defend or spread it. Democracy is Mob Rule. If 51% of your neighbors want to eat you for breakfast or use your yard for a roller derby or rape your wife in public, hey, that’s okay in a democracy. You might as well call it a “demon-cracy” because the mindless lust and greed of the Mob is the only real law in a democracy. Anything and I do mean — ANYTHING — goes in a democracy as long as a majority of people want it. So what is this “American Democracy” they tout? It turns out to be the government of our ugly British half-sister, the Territorial United States, but they are conveniently confusing it with our lawful Union of republican states, which function under a different law and political system entirely. Once again, the fraud artists are at it, presenting their version of “democracy” — as “American”. It’s “American” in the same sense as South America is “American”. The actual United States of America isn’t a democracy of any kind and never has been. We honor the sanctity and the rights of every man and woman, and we assert and protect those rights against mobs and against mob mentality, too. To call us a democracy is a venal insult and affront. The idea that we should support and fight for the spread of democracy is antithetical to everything that America stands for. It is one more big example of how dumbed-down and ignorant we have been to allow and identify with this idea of “American Democracy”. It is also a Big, Fat Example of just how corrupt, mindless, and in the end, discredited, their government is. In order to run a democracy you need a 51% mandate from the people subscribing to your government.
The biggest number on record for participation in any of their elections — EVER — that I have been able to find is 29%. And the majority in that election was a whopping 17% of the eligible voters. They’ve been running on the premise that whoever shows up and votes, that “majority” rules, but that is not the majority required by a democracy, which needs a 51% or greater mandate to proceed with any action. So, even as a democracy, one of the worst and most corrupt forms of government ever devised, they can’t play it straight. They have to fudge everything and pretend to have a mandate. Well, since they have advertised to the entire world that they are a democracy and they have touted statutory law and code as their law — why not ask to see the public mandate allowing them to exist? Let’s see the mandates supporting each and every one of these statutes and codes?
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