Obama dies in front of media audience. No one believes all that crap any more.

.extremely polite and how very eloquent the silence after the hocus pocus speech!

Not to speak ill of the dead, but Deadbeats are fair game.

When they do not clap you know they do not believe or care. When is this embarrassing Clown going to be sent off to Belle View?

The Tap Blog
27 March 2014

Embarrassing? That hardly describes what’s going on here.

The media no longer believes the crap he’s talking. Millions of people are about to be sent to their deaths by this apology for a human being, with no feeling in his voice, just announcing the words placed onto his teleprompter by briefers and secretaries, who have even less belief in this nonsense than he does – the same phrases and notions he’s trotted a thousand times. They are meaningless, and we all now know are lies, lies and more lies.

What response does he expect? Applause? More appropriate would be a b*****(edited) – for him and all the other Western Rothschild Zionist sycophants.



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