The Million Vet March on the Memorials


Apparently, watching members of the Greatest Generation getting manhandled  while they tried to visit the war memorial that was built to honor them and the  friends they lost during WWII, was just too much for some members of our  veteran’s community. A group calling itself the “Million Vet March On The  Memorials” is planning a march on Washington, D.C. to take place on October 13,  2013 at 9:00 am.

The following comes from their  website.

“We are all military brats, current and former military spouses and some  veterans.  We cannot express how utterly disappointed we were that our  Greatest Generation were being used as political pawns in the ongoing government  shutdown and budget crisis.  This should never be the case.

We do not care what political leanings you may be; be it liberal,  conservative, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or whatever.   The actions of the U.S. government this week with regard to barricading  and shutting down the World War II Memorial to veterans, that may or may not be  on their last trip to Washington DC, is a despicable act of cowardice.

Veterans this week were unwillingly pitted as pawns in this crisis.   We feel that this should never be the case.  This is why we will go  to Congress after the budget crisis and ask for a bill to be introduced that  would prevent any member of the government from closing our memorials down to  any American, except for maintenance purposes.  In the meantime, we will  have our March in Washington DC on October 13th!  Our veterans deserve  that!

Many in our group have decided that enough is enough.  We are  Americans.  We are proud of our heritage and our service.  As all of  us were military brats and spouses, we have served in some form or another our  entire lives.  This is our way of life.  We will not stand by and let  the U.S. government dishonor the legacy of sacrifice of the generations before  us.  It is time to make a stand!  We hope that you will join us in our  peaceful rally against anti-American policies.  It doesn’t take anything  other that!”

Not only do they have a website, but they also have a  Facebook page that has exploded in popularity. They started the Facebook  page back on October 4th, and they’ve already accumulated over 20,000  fans in just three short days.

If you want to help out our vets, go and sign the  Million Vet March petition which is asking that the memorials to our  veterans be reopened.



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