Secret Vatican Holdings outed in MSM

Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Michael McKee digs deeper into the Vatican’s finances and finds lots of secrecy in its holdings. He speaks on Bloomberg television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Vatican secret investment holdings outed in the MSM

3 responses to “Secret Vatican Holdings outed in MSM

  1. WOW, how did the Pope get so sick two days ago the he had to resign? A first in 600 years.

  2. Don’t be suprised if it is later learned that one of the Vatican’s shadow corporations was invested in shorting the airline stocks the week before 911…. Also, Can you say Naked Short-Selling?….Anyone…….. Anyone…….. And, so if the banks are “too big to fail” and “Too Big to Jail”….. What category do you suppose the Catholic Church falls into?????

  3. Have to invent a new category for them, It would include the first two, Fail and Jail plus hell and purgatory too.

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