THIS IS WHAT WE NEED. There is no Fairy God Mother to save us.

Forward by M. Thanks.
I was talking to someone the other day whom I consider to be quite an authority on the Constitution, rights, etc.  He said that the Constitution is about limiting jurisdiction of the government.  And if it was not in the Constitution, the People reserved jurisdiction for themselves.  If that is the case, why does the government and the “supreme court” feel that EVERYTHING falls under their umbrella of control?   It is because we THE PEOPLE have been dumbed down sufficiently that we think the government is the boss of us.  WE are the boss of the government.  The ONLY authority the government has is what has been delegated to them (temporarily as we see fit) by the PEOPLE!!  The only way we are going to get things turned around is to TURN THEM AROUND!!!  Stop acquiescing!!  Stop being uninformed!!!  Knowledge truly is power.  The ONLY way we can get control back is to become educated.  READ READ READ!!  BE responsible for yourself and your family.  You do not need to and should not have to be responsible for others.  THEY need to stand up and be responsible for themselves.  The government we have is a direct reflection of the People.  If the government has the power, it is because we have forfeited it to them.  Of course, they are going to take more if people show no desire to take responsibility.  Anytime we go to the government to fix our problems instead of taking our own responsibility and coming up with our own solutions, we are giving away our power.  We as a People HAVE to be self-empowered.  We as individuals HAVE to be self-empowered.  Whatever the government does, if we go along with it instead of resisting, we are agreeing to it.  STOP!!!  M
What’s the One Document You have in Your Possession that gives
You the Authority or Jurisdiction to Control my Life?
Submitted by The South on Wed, 07/11/2012 – 14:18
in Daily Paul Liberty Forum
Now, what is that one document they have in their possession that
gives them this supposed Authority or Jurisdiction?
Pretty simple question, isn’t it? I mean surely someone in government
can answer that question, right? I mean these people are holding very
high positions in their corporations (STATE & UNITED STATES INC.),
Everyone in government; including City, State, and Local
Municipalities have these undying presumptions that THEY have some
magic authority over our lives; that they have the right to tax us;
steal our homes; our money; our children (CPS); our bank accounts
(IRS); our land; our freedom (prisons for profit), etc, right?
Where do they get this Magic Fairy Control Dust? I mean think about
this for just a moment if you will:
Do they just dream this $hit up? Or do they get their authority from
your lack of rebuttal? If you don’t rebut, you must agree, and when
two parties agree, it is now law, right?
Ride with me here:
In every single City, Town, State, across the country, there are
government offices full of people who just Automagically assume they
have the authority to fine you for breaking some statutory code, rule
or regulation. Or they have the right to throw you in prison for 20
years at the drop of a hammer because you have some natural growing
plant in your backyard (marijuana), or that their own Internal Law
Enforcement Officer have the authority to pull over the average
American Citizen for not wearing a seat belt; running a stop sign; not
using a turn signal; going 5mph over the speed limit, etc, right?
What about those who believe they have the authority to fine your 10
year old child for putting up a lemonade stand without first getting
the “Cities Permission” and/or paying a permit fee to do so; or to
have a garage sale, etc?
Where does this “Magic Fairy Control Dust” come from? I mean think
about it: What gives them this supposed authority over your life on a
daily basis?
Isn’t the State or the City, just another Corporation? You can look
them up very easily to find out, can’t you? So if the City or State is
just a Corporation, then they must have an CEO, Directors, Employees,
etc, right?
Now if that City or State Corporation all of a sudden has a corporate
meeting one day and votes to implement a new statute that states “from
this day forward, all employees must wear a pink tie to work”, does
that statute apply to people living in that City or State who are NOT
receiving a weekly paycheck from that corporation? Or does that
statute, code, rule, or regulation only apply “Internally” to those
who are actually employed by the corporation?
If I start my own corporation and I’m the CEO of that corporation, and
one night sitting at my office desk, I write up a new statutory rule
for my corporation that says “Anyone that decides to work for this
corporation that has a 50″ Plasma TV, has to donate it to the
corporation within 48 hours of starting employment”, and I print it
off; walk across the street and knock on my neighbors door and say
“Hey Bob, I’m here to take your TV. I just made a new rule in my
corporation that states anyone who works for me, that has a 50″ Plasma
TV has to hand it over to me within 48 hours of this notice”, and Bob
stands their scratching his head with a stumped look on his face, and
finally says “Well, okay, I guess it’s legitimate; you’ve got the
document right there that says so, and it looks legal and all, so go
ahead and come inside and take the TV”, and I walk in, grab the TV and
leave, who’s fault is it?
Is it my fault? Did I commit a crime? I was just F****ing with Bob to
see if he’d actually do it, and Kiss My A$$, he fell for it, hook-line
and sinker, is it my fault?
Or is it that Dumba$$ Bob’s fault for not questioning my authority to
take his TV? Couldn’t he have said “Hold on a damn minute, how does
your internal corporate BS statutory rules apply to me? I don’t
remember signing an employment contract with you; I don’t work for you
jacka$$; you aren’t paying me, and if you don’t get off my porch in 10
seconds, I’m going to Help You Off My Porch with a 12 gauge slug”?
Sure he could have said that, and I would have left with a severe
quickness. But he didn’t say that, did he? Nope, he just agreed. It
worked so nice, that I think I’ll draw up another statute that says
“Anyone working for corp XYZ, has to pay me $20.00 per/day by close of
business as a tax for the luxury of working for corp XYZ”, and take
that back across the street and present it to Bob.
After he agrees to that one, I’ll draw up another one, and another
one, and by the end of the week, I’ll have Bob’s car, his boat, half
his land, his dog, his kids Big-Toy, his mailbox, his King Size Bed,
his Refrigerator, his Microwave, his socks, his soap on a rope, his
other TV, his couch, his recliner, and he’ll be paying me a total of
$140.00 per/week in cold hard cash.
Now that’s a pretty damn nice deal for me isn’t it? But Bob sure is
getting screwed eh? But who’s fault is it? Is it mine? Or is it Bob’s,
because he has still, to this day, failed to rebut my presumption that
he is one of my employees, by forcing me to cough up an employment
contract or past pay records which would justify my actions of taking
Bob’s $hit?
So who’s the real Dumb-A$$ here? Me, or Bob?
Well, that seems to be exactly what’s happening with Local, City,
State, and National Gov’t (I mean corporations:). These folks just sit
at their desk at night; draw up a bunch of BS codes, rules,
regulations, and statutes for their corporations and start knocking on
doors; sending out their own internal-corporate revenue agents
(police) to enforce their new rules and statutes, and NO ONE rebuts;
they just go along and scratch their head; bi**ch, complain and moan
to their neighbors, and never one time do they rebut the corporations
presumptions. Now who’s the real Dumb-A$$’s here?
Corporations are meant to make money, right? But lets say you’ve got a
corporation that only 80 people really want to work for, and the other
6 million in that State don’t want to work for you.
You’re in this to make money right? You want to make a LOT more money
from union fees, corporate taxes, fines, sales, etc. but only have 80
people who’ve agreed to your BS statutory rules and taxes so they
could be a part of your corporation. So what to do?
I mean no one else really likes your corporation, only those 80 people
who signed an employment contract, right?
Now it’s time to get crafty! What if that CEO and his Directors just
start knocking on doors and “hoodwinking” people into believing their
statutory rules, regulations, taxes and codes apply to them?
What if, lets say you can “hoodwink” another 2 million people in the
State, just like you did Bob? Now the corporation could make some
serious money, if you can find 2 million more idiots like Bob, right?
But what about those folks who don’t buy your line of BS and demand
you cough up an employment contract to show you actually do have the
jurisdiction or right to take their stuff? What do you do then?
Perhaps, you just leave them alone, because they know the scam, and
you walk next door and hope to find another idiot?
What if those people who have one brain cell left in their head asks
What’s the One Document you have in your possession That gives you the
authority or jurisdiction to control my life and my money”?
There must be a Document somewhere, right? I mean if there is no
contract, there is no jurisdiction, right?
Well, unless you’ve sat down with someone from that corporation and
both of you have come to an agreement on your pay, insurance, sick
leave, vacation time, bonuses, etc, then is there a contract?
Or is it just “Magic Fairy Control Dust” that’s being sprinkled on you?
What if everyone stopped screaming from the rooftops about government
abuse; state abuse, etc. when it comes to them violating our Inherent
Birth Rights, and when confronted by these power hungry
authoritarians, simply ask them one question:
What’s the One Document you have in your possession That gives you the
authority or jurisdiction to control my life and my money”?
Perhaps these links below will help shake off some of that “Magic
Fairy Control Dust”:
Who is the STATE?
Do you know your Rights?
They claim Social Security Numbers or the Drivers License is what
gives them their authority or jurisdiction?
What if they tell you, that you should hire an attorney?
What if they don’t actually know?
What if they were asked about this?
What if the IRS says so?
Who is the IRS?
What if they claim it’s the 14th Amendment that gives them authority?
What does a former US Senator have to say about the 14th Amendment?
NOTE: Be sure to read the comments in those links above; there is
usually some good input or additions from others on the topic as well
in the comments section.
In Liberty and Beyond!
This is not legal advice, just initiating discussion within this
community, to help us find some answers; to help us understand what’s
really happening to us, and why our redress for grievances always seem
to fall on deaf ears, and how we have drifted into this chamber of
involuntary servitude on our own Land Mass called America.
PS: Their supposed Authority sure seems to be the first document they
ever sent you in the mail, which is the “Certificate of Live Birth” as
you will see in the links above.
Could this really be a case of stolen identity and larceny by trick? A
magicians trick of monumental proportions; a hidden-secret, coercive
and deceptive fraud? A constructive fraud against you to enslave you
and unjustly enrich the STATE?
Are we all be used as Human Resources and Chattel to pay off the
nations debt to a foreign corporation that in 1870-71 dropped anchor
on American soil and setup shop? A corporation that bailed out the
last legitimate government body we had with a foreign-fiat paper
currency, and the collateral for that foreign-fiat paper currency was
the future labor of every American Citizen?
Questions-questions, and more questions. The good Dr. Paul says to
always question authority doesn’t he?
Maybe we should.

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